How To Pick Your Salmon Fishing Lures

Salmon2 300x196 How To Pick Your Salmon Fishing LuresIf you’re ready to tackle salmon fishing, there is an abundance of artificial lures available to entice the big King, Sockeye or Coho. Salmon fishing lures come on a wide variety shapes and colors, and whether you are trolling the sea or the Great Lakes, or fishing a river during a run, there are lures for salmon fishing to help get the job done.


Spoons are a metal plated salmon fishing lure, rounded on one side and hollowed on the other. The shape allows the body of the spoon to wobble in the water, emulating a swimming or wounded fish. Some spoons are meant only for trolling, these are usually thinner and flatter, not adept for casting from shore. Casting salmon fishing lures usually have a slightly thicker, heavier body to allow them to be cast from shore. Almost all casting lures can be used for trolling.

King salmon fishing lures come in a rainbow of colors, from plain white or silver plated, to glowing blues and greens. In water up to 50 feet deep, most colors are used and are changed intermittently depending on what they are biting. At deeper depths, where light is lower, many prefer darker blue and violet colors, because salmon see UV light rather well. Try a number of different colors and use what works, switching colors as needed.


Plugs are fishing lures for salmon carved out of balsa wood, or formed out of hard plastic. The body may be bowed, like the Kwikfish, and will wobble greatly when trolled through the through the water. Other salmon fishing lures, like the J-plug, have a more straight body but a notched head to produce swimming action in the water. The body may be jointed at mid body. Most plugs can be used for trolling or cast from shore

Plugs will usually carry 2 treble hooks, one at the belly and one at the tail area.
Like spoons, plugs come in a wide variety of colors. The rule for color choice is the same as with spoons. It is usually best to purchase a number of different colored salmon lures if you will be fishing regularly.


A spinner is much like a trout or bass spinning lure, with a wide Colorado Blade and a treble hook, sometimes with a hair tail. However, as a salmon fishing lure, the spinner is usually much bigger, weighing at least 3/4 oz, and larger. Blades can be metallic silver. If they are designed as fishing lures for salmon, they are often produced in the same variety of colors as are the spoons and plugs. Spinners can be trolled or cast from shore. The same color rules apply as with spoons and plugs.

Remember, when shopping for salmon lures, there is no one size fits all lure. What works one day may not work the next, so purchasing a variety of fishing lures will increase your chances of a strike.