4 Day Solo Wild Camping Adventure in the Mountains

4 Day Solo Wild Camping Adventure in the Mountains

I travel 900 Miles for a 4 day camping trip alone in the Mountains. My adventure sees me hiking up peaks in wind and rain, camping by glacial lakes and on the ridge of one of the tallest peaks in England.

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51 Replies to “4 Day Solo Wild Camping Adventure in the Mountains”

  1. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. The chemicals used for insecticides are generally bad for aquatic life, not tested on them but remains in the water.

  2. Hi Mike, Great video. Where is the location of the place you stayed at the first night. Planning a trip to the lakes and would love that place and view.

  3. That insect repellent never worked for me but I use lavender essential oil and water in tiny spray bottle. You only need a couple drops of oil. Lavender repels midges, mozzies, ticks, fleas and flies. It works brilliantly for me and I used to get bitten loads. Great video by the way. X

  4. One man tent? Over here we call that a bivy. I think its a bit like "bobs your uncle" ( I have no idea what that means) Terms unique to the country over the pond. 🙂 Keep up the video’s.

  5. Use dried cranberries ( craisins ) so good in your trail mix these berries are also great in salads. 😋 yum…

  6. Not sure if they tested that skeeter spray on fish(probably so), but Mosquitos use standing water to breed… their larvae live there until they are big enough to grow wings & fly away….. *Blood Suckers!*

  7. I admire you for the way you clean up your camp sites when you are thru, and place the extra firewood inside the fire ring for the next campers, and keeping the site spotless and safe.
    *Prevent Forrest Fires*

  8. They are short mountains. Come to Saudi Arabia and do some camping videos. We have mountains more than 3000 meter. Amazing video by the way. You can send me WhatsApp on 00966530300055.

  9. I love it when you show us new camping equipment. That Luminaid solar light looks great, if you have more info about the battery life, I’d love to hear your review. Thx for all your videos.

  10. After That trip, you Deserve that Hot Bath, Cold Beer, & Nice 22oz. Ribeye! LOL.
    Great Adventuring Bud!

  11. Try wearing shock absorbing insoles in your hiking boots that will help your knees, you may need to buy a 1/2 shoe size bigger so your feet are still

  12. Just found your channel, already a pretty big fan. Awesome adventures! Just another fan from the state’s.

  13. Longer video for you guys, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for watching – Mike

  14. I’m surprised your car is still there when you get back! and your not eating enough to keep your metabolism going, your core temp will drop with an empty belly as well! as soon as you stand still,

  15. So when you got in your car and started recording your screen I was wondering why the angle looked funny. Then I realized you’re not in the US and you drive on the right side. Hahaha I’m high af

  16. "wow" subaru tested on asphalt road. "omg". other than that everything was amazing, but busted knees and cold, man, you’re good 🙂 thank you for your efforts and great content. 🙂

  17. Off road? That was the smoothest track I’ve ever seen! Wot? why lie, that lane was going no where near your lake, staged!. More pots holes on the M1 around Nottingham than that. Mike, you really have gone down in my books. Sell your soul for a few bucks. This what all your vidios are about, both now and in the past? If this video is false, how many more are. Truly shabby vid……………

  18. They tell you about its toxicity to fish in case you fancy a swim after applying it. I thought you were a fisher???

  19. Best you-tuber! He’s so non-offensive and maintains neutral opinions. Such a rare quality these days with online personalities. Very entertaining and descriptive content as well. Cheers!

  20. Hey mike.. get your Sen some waterproof boots man 👍 I bloody hate wet feet haha. Great vid again brother I’ve just recently subscribed and really enjoy your content. Keep it up

  21. I did monte blanc, in 1991, 4850 metres, nearly 5K high, 9 people died in the month we climbed it, this should be a breeze for a fit lad like you, you should be sprinting up it, No seriously, it is hard with a constant incline and it saps the life out of you, respect

  22. Am I missing something? Do Brits have super strong mozzie spray that can hurt you?
    I’m from Australia and we douse ourselves in it come summertime.

  23. 30:40 – didn’t see the line and thought he was showing off his magic tricks of levitation with the gear :’D

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