Bushcraft Camp: Full Super Shelter Build from Start to Finish.

Bushcraft Camp: Full Super Shelter Build from Start to Finish.

This is all 13 Bushcraft Camp Update episodes merged into one, with no talking, just pure bushcraft shelter building. Featuring the Hunting Tower with ladder, Dog House, Giant Lean-to shelter, small lean to shelter with wood roof, raised bed, fire pit, log store, main tarp roof with pulley system, bushcraft bench and all perimeter walls.
The Bushcraft Camp Update series has been my favourite series to date. Building a natural shelter from resources found in the woods has always been a passion of mine, as has spending the night alone in the forest. By building this camp I have the opportunity to learn Bushcraft & Survival skills whilst doing solo overnight camps at the same time. To start with I built this supershelter using cheap tools to save money. As my knowledge developed I began to purchase better quality tools to help me get tasks done faster.
My favourite part of the series was definitely Bushcraft Camp Update 11 where I built the Hunting Tower with ladder completely on my own. It wasn’t an easy build, and I made many mistakes along the way, but I learnt from them, and for me that was the most important part: to learn to work with nature and not against it.
Now that this Bushcraft Log Cabin is pretty much complete, I can spend time chilling in the woods, learning more about my surroundings and learning primitive technology to further develop my survival knowledge. This adventure has been amazing and I’m so pleased you guys could join along with me. Thank you for watching the camp update series and for watching the videos! – Mike

Watch Every Episode of the Camp Build here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxnadpeGdTxDx1J1izeZ47ozu1g4XjMzM

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  1. And it looks so warm! And no nails!!! I really enjoyed it! Will watch again & again! And thank you for NO music!!!

  2. Тебя за порубку молодого леса уже садить пора !!!

  3. Absolute inspiration! Best camping youtuber in the uk! need more in the uk, I’m looking into getting a pickup so excited and hoping to join the community very soon! Id love you to do a video on your complete truck set up and what you have/keep in it, you’re an absolute pleasure to watch

  4. When they partly rebuilt it I thought they were going to unbuilt it all and I was like: Noooooo wyddddd

  5. интересно сколько он живых деревьев убил ради виртуальных лайков?

  6. I was like..he takes a lot of time building his hut until he grow old…then i realise that just his dad…

  7. J adhere à fond mais c dommage pour la chasse , n as tu jamais pensé à d autres moyens de se nourir car il y en a plein (des oeufs par ex ) ! Nous sommes omnivores , la predation n est pas obligatoire c un concept humain , ceci n est pas une critique mais un encouragement à approfondir pour la partie spirituelle qui finit tjrs par arriver tot ou tard , une vache est aussi attachante qu un chien mais pour s en rendre compte il faut vivre avec elle

  8. iPhone children must watch this. People distanced from nature as well. Utterly educational! Bravo!

  9. Блят сколько дров извел наверное грузовик и маленькую тележку

  10. Извините за выражение-Что это за хуйня? Укрытие от чего? Что за бред? Я в детстве шалаши лучше строил

  11. they taught us in the army to remove that nylon liner inside that paracord. its allows for a way tighter knot that will never slip.

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