Cooking Outdoors at the Off Grid Log Cabin: Steak and Fries on the Campfire

Cooking Outdoors at the Off Grid Log Cabin: Steak and Fries on the Campfire

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The lighting from the sun setting behind the cabin was incredible as I grill a steak on the campfire with a side of potato fries, peppers and onions. It’s great to be cooking outdoors again with my dog now that spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. Cali, our golden retriever, watches intently as I barbecue a striploin steak to medium rare while ducks and geese fly around the cabin and land in the stream. Seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt, onion powder and fennel, the meat and huge serving of vegetables is exactly what I needed after a long, hard day working on the log cabin. As the sun sets and a full moon rises through the trees, I light the lanterns and retire to the cottage for the night, ready to get up and continue giving the cabin a facelift. Tune in tomorrow to see part 2 of this week’s video, where I continue working on the exterior of the cabin and then talk about the importance of making sacrifices and working hard when I was in my twenties and thirties in order to fully enjoy freedom in my forties and beyond.

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51 Replies to “Cooking Outdoors at the Off Grid Log Cabin: Steak and Fries on the Campfire”

  1. Hallo Shawn! I’m chronically ill but watching your fantastic videos gives me ease! Thanx for sharing your wonderful life with your fans…
    That was a rustic feast, wasn’t it… I think you can feel very fortunate doing what you do!!! Best regards from Germany!!! 🇩🇪🇨🇦🥩🍅🌰🥔🔥🤠🍁

  2. You are incredible! Your videos are relaxing & calming. Just love Cali! You Sir are a Master Carpenter & builder. WOW, Just WOW!

  3. To keep your bacon from curling use a low heat instead of medium. It takes a little longer, but it cooks more evenly and stays straight.

  4. What a great dog, a man’s best friend. Love watching how you are living there this is awesome. This is my TV got sick of watching all the garbage on TV and paying hundred hours a month not anymore, thanks for sharing this I’ve been following I’ve even watched a couple episodes over again I’ll be watching for more

  5. Just courious if you’ve seen any signs of the hairy men of sasquatch out where you are? Mystery rock piles of tree stacks, hence or breaks?

  6. When are we getting a cook book? Cant watch you without having something to eat, my tummy starts grumbling!!!!

  7. I enjoy your videos. But how are you living off the grid if you able to get fresh meats and produce, especially in the winter? Is there a nearby supermarket?

  8. Every dog that I ever had would have devoured that steak when I left them alone with it. Well trained and beautiful retriever.

  9. Cali is such a good dog.  She’s beautiful, too.  Beauty and brains–A dynamite combination.  Dogs are so special.  She also has a strong "birding instinct."  That’s awesome.

  10. first time watching this channel and it makes me relaxed. I love the simple shots and very little use of words.

  11. Forget about eating. I’m enjoying the smell of the greenness and the beauty of the openness and blue sky. LOL

  12. Where is this place? It’s off grid so I can’t find a place like this online so I thought I’d ask here. I’m guessing it’s private land.

  13. you’re lonely guy..but your friends was Cali and your’re might be staying far away from town and living near the swamp..i hope you’re enjoying your life peacefully away from the hypocrite peoples out there..Peace!!✌

  14. I actually went out to buy and make what Shawn is eating lol! Although it’s not out in the cabin. Over my grill is a good substitute.

  15. Oh boy… we certainly wouldn’t need to try what Shawn did around 9 minutes in with our Rottweiler. The whole plate would be gone in a minute… 😉

    I stopped watching TV quite a while ago. Far too overloaded with ads for me. And indeed watching Shawn work and cook is perfect to unwind relax. Its motivating too boot…

    My sincere thanks, you two!

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