20 Replies to “Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- Full Race -Gander Outdoors 400”

  1. Why was it only 39 cars on the field in Sunday’s race & what happened to Johnson is #48 car looked clean no damage or nothing🚦🎰😞

  2. I LOVE the technical aspect Dale brings to the booth. It adds SO MUCH more to the racing than the usual ho-hum, casual fan broadcast we see from Fox, aside from when Larry Mac was in the booth. NBC is killing it this year.

  3. This win for Chase couldn’t come at better time. Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon were there. Jeff is my favorite driver but since he retired I’m routing for Chase.

  4. NASCAR is BORING right now! And the commentary is appalling as over excited ex drivers try so hard to liven the dull racing up with their high pitched, whiny shouting. 😬🙄😳🤫🤭

  5. NASCAR you should stream the races from your youtube channel, or from your website and charge a monthly subscription fee for it.. I’m sure you could figure something out even with FOX/NBC maybe stream it through their sites? However I am glad the full races continue to get uploaded a few days after but man it would be awesome to just watch the races live from a stream!

  6. I still don’t understand the point of the pretty monster energy girls. You don’t even see them until victory lane, and they just stand there and smile. But maybe there’s something I’m missing here. If they’re supposed to be like the cheerleaders of NASCAR, then shouldn’t they get more attention?

  7. This was a good race if you were paying attention. The bump and runs, the sliding cars. The only "boring" aspect was harvick leading. This race was especially exciting for Elliott fans. Watching him wheeling it back to the front after a penalty, it was a hell of a drive. Sadly too many people don’t pay attention to the finer details.

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