Primitive Log Cabin in the Woods – Moss Roof (Overnight Camp)

Primitive Log Cabin in the Woods – Moss Roof (Overnight Camp)

I go wild camping in a woods I have never been to before and get to see an awesome off grid primitive log cabin build that was made by Ben & Lewis from BandL Bushcraft on Instagram. They started building the off grid rustic log cabin just over a year ago and it’s come along way. As their bushcraft and shelter building skills have developed, so has the cabin. They started with the A-frame structure and built up the walls of the cabin from there. By chinking the gaps between logs and filling with clay from a nearby river, they’ve been able to fully water proof and wind proof the cabin making it perfect for an overnight camp. The inspiration came from a medieval cruck frame design. Effort was made to make the roof fully watertight but also look authentic. To do this they have a thin sheet underneath a thick layer of leaf debris and now moss too!
Having the fireplace inside the shelter is their favourite feature. What you can see in this video is the third version of the fire design. Using reclaimed building materials they were able to make a wide opening allowing a serious amount of warmth into the cabin. Using the bricks also means the it’s very durable and resilient to harsh weather. They secured it all in place with clay from the river and used a terracotta pipe to act as a flue to make the fire burn more efficiently.
I joined them to help scavenge for moss from around the woodland and make a moss roof to the shelter. We then set up our tent and tarp/hammock in the woods for an overnight camp. We cooked some food, had some beers and enjoyed time in the woods. What Ben and Lewis have built is incredible. The Log Cabin in the woods even has a window, and log store on the outside. The door has been built using wattle. Wattle is a lightweight construction material made by weaving thin branches or slats between upright stakes to form a woven lattice. To make the Cabin have more of a rustic feel to it, they have put candle holders inside and added a bench to sit on. They now have plans to build raised beds bushcraft style. Thanks for joining me on this epic adventure in the woods! Be sure to follow Ben and Lewis Below:

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  1. Let’s remember, our national forests are our heritage. So explore, camp and leave only foot prints and then hack as many trees as you can with a hatchet.

  2. Les conduits de la cheminée doivent être installés à l’intérieur de la cabine pour augmenter la chaleur et en profiter au maximum contrairement à ce que vous avez fait. La moitié de l’énergie se perd inutilement.

  3. Walking around at night. Time to go squatchin. Do some wood knocks. If ya ain’t skert. Kick ass cabin. Love it

  4. Brilliant video, as always. They truly built an amazing cabin. It very much reminds me of the old bootleggers shack that I lived in for a year in North Carolina, back in my youth. I often see you using a folding bow saw. What brand is it?, if you please. I am in dire need of a folding camp saw but I don’t want to waste my hard earned money on one that will not last. Thanks and Cheers brother.

  5. Why moss on the roof? It seems that it would hold water and rot the roof quicker. Also would be very heavy.

  6. Just in case the woods where this cabin takes place happen to be the domain of the man-eating big cats just like it is in Asia and Africa, do you think such kind of cabin would be strong enough to prevent the prowling tiger from targeting you as the next prey?? ha ha ha ha

  7. The internal plastic roof lining looks like a recipe for condensation. Also when the candles burn down they could set fire to the cabin. Just saying.

  8. I was so bored trying to watch to the end of this video, I failed and fell asleep waiting for the video to end.

  9. Nice Place! Try wrapping some aluminum foil on the back of you candle holder and you will double your light output. Have Fun!

  10. I liked the part where hanzel and gretyl showed up and you tried to eat them because they are high in protein

  11. #1 metal..#2..brick….#3. Plastic bags …that’s not primitive technology…….my opinion. .other than that the woodlands are beautiful …the cabin are small to

  12. I would desperately love to know what the outro song is called! I can’t seem to make the link in the video description work.

    Any help is appreciated!

  13. put stones on the roof near that chimney, make it longer and angled away from that roof! im sure its safe with green weet moss from the rain, but when its dry, those inches that chimney has away from the roof aint gonna cut it! beautiful job though…add another layer of plastic on the inner window, with space blanket/mylar shade, that stuff is like car tinting and is see through, but the heat reflected back is gotta be 50 times better than plastic alone!

  14. dry leaf covered roof made of wood and moss … CHECK.
    2 foot chimney stack actually touching the eves…. CHECK
    life insurance …. CHECK

  15. that chimney is awfully short. code would have it two feet taller than anything in a 10′ radius although applying code obviously would be silly here. but i would be worried about the roof catching on fire

  16. This is the complete solution to all the Worlds bullshit! Really. Just everybody shut up. Be quiet and focus on making life simple and pleasurable.

  17. Getting a lot of people saying they haven’t been receiving notifications for my uploads. Be sure to tick the "Bell" icon next to the subscribe button on my Channel homepage.**

    Something different this time – This woodland was something else, such diversity! Already can’t wait to go back. Hope you guys enjoy this video, feel free to comment below and share with your friends if you enjoyed it. Working on some more videos and planning trips as I type this! Oh and I’m on Twitter now btw: – give a follow if you want for more daily updates

  18. Very Cool Video. The cabin is sweet! And the downed tree, with the massive root-platform was absolutely incredible!!! I am completely impressed with nature 🌻💙

  19. 멋져요!!
    좁은땅 대한민국은 저런거 힘들어요 땅값은 왜그리 비싼지
    저런 땅넓은 곳에 가서 살고싶습니다

  20. It looks amazing with the flowers blooming in the background. Would love to stay there for a night or 2

  21. I would live in there full time no doubt, that’s awesome for anyone who wants to get out from under the government’s license controlled bullshit and expensive payments for almost everything.

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