Things To Do Outdoors 1.0

Things To Do Outdoors 1.0

When we tell people we love the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the wilderness, they always ask…

“What do you do when you’re out there?”

Here is the first, in a series of responses, on some different activities you can do while you’re outside.


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50 Replies to “Things To Do Outdoors 1.0”

  1. Honestly GeoCaching is an awesome thing to do outdoors. Searching and solving all sorts of problems like riddles, climbing trees, spotting hard to notice objects, seeing and reading about interesting places, even thinking of a good path and navigating from one point to the next.

  2. I hope you don’t see me pee. (I cup;) great video. Can you do a vid on your hammock and how you set it up? Keep on keepin on.

  3. Learning about plant life in your area is fun. Take a book covering plant life and go on a scavenger hunt.

  4. I heard you call your followers turtles… I got called that the other day too, what does it mean?!

  5. My favorite hammock spot in the state park is up on high ground in a stand of conifers – I have a clear view to the watering hole down below and get to see deer coming by frequently, they never have any idea I am there.

  6. don’t you think it’d be scary to fall asleep in the woods

    so many dangerous creatures. such as bears.

  7. Im live in Uruguay (Latin America) and love the outdoors. Just suscribed to the channel. Love this video and all your videos!! keep uploading!! cant wait to go out and do the stuff you told in this video. i love to read. have a tons of books but never did it in the woods!

  8. Great video, subscribed a bit ago and the title caught my eye. I’m almost surprised how many people ask this but I guess it makes sense in this day and age.

  9. Outdoors, chilling in m hammock, I like to look up into the canopy of trees and try to draw them. It’s a great way to learn prospective drawling. This branch is in the way of that one, which is four feet lower on one end but two feet lower on the other, etc. It really helps me to work on my drawling. While I am doing that, focused on one thing, my mind clears and topic I didn’t realized were in the back of my mind come up. I also love watching animals and insects. They are so interesting. No matter what time of year it is, I’m trying to find new things to forage and ways to harness what is available to me there. I feel so much calmer, so much more connected, not just to my own thoughts but to the REAL world around us. Not in some hippy way, but in a very balanced manner that has to do with Negative Ions and a sense of inner peace that assures me that I belong there as much as the Beatle or Hawk.

  10. Plus 1 on the hammock, hiking, swimming, general laying about, practicing bushcraft skills. Learning new knots, etc. Drinking and staring at a fire, cooking, photography and bringing out the field guides and trying to identify fauna and flora.

  11. i got a hammock after watching one of your previous videos and here in Ireland we dont have a lot of hammock weather but it is a fantastic way to relax and recharge, thank you Krik and Stony.

  12. Great idea for a series, i look forward to more! Some of the things I enjoy are walking barefoot in the woods (take care!), reading, throwing my slackline up on some trees and enjoying a balance, meditating, mushroom hunting, photography, playing guitar or ukulele, taking my friends who rarely go outside to enjoy the peace of the woods, carving the odd spoon and practicing some juggling. It’s all mostly stuff you can do anywhere but doing it in the woods feels so much more natural and somehow more rewarding =]

  13. one of the things I do, (as I like to pick new locations each time I go out), is bring a trash bag, and clean up all the garbage left behind by others. No this is not one of my favorite things to do, although there is a good feeling you get when setting in your hammock, after all the trash in the general area has been removed. good video bro Greg specially like the way you ended because I am Lenape of the "Turtle" Clan๐Ÿ‘ until our Trails cross again, I hope all your adventures are awesome๐Ÿ˜

  14. I love to do all of these, too. And of course, maintaining a fire, which can keep you occupied in itself.

  15. I love going into the woods, and just sitting somewhere that’s concealed and quiet. Wait for the woods to come alive, for the squirrels to start playing and the birds chirping, and I mimic the calls they make with calls of my own. It’s incredible to see how the animals around you will react!

  16. do either of you guys fish at all? ย that’s my primary reason for heading for the hills, but definitely love hanging in a hammock as well.

  17. Plants fascinate me. So whenever I’m outdoors I like to examine them, take samples and draw them. It always blows my mind how many different kinds there are

  18. I’m a fan of skipping rocks in the river, swimming in an alpine lake, or even just focusing on how much I can hear at once (it might sound crazy, but we tend to tune out a lot). I also like observing how everything changes as storms roll in. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Chris

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