Winter Camping in a Hobbit Tent and a Woodstove

Winter Camping in a Hobbit Tent and a Woodstove

I head into the woods Alone with my Mini Canvas Tent & Woodstove to do some Solo Winter Camping, Bushcraft and Cooking on the stove. Like Bilbo the Hobbit says in Lord of The Rings “I’m going on an adventure!” And an adventure I had…

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50 Replies to “Winter Camping in a Hobbit Tent and a Woodstove”

  1. i feel stupid just by watching it. sorry but your comments are for really dumb or clueless people. let me gtfo here before i lose my last brain cell.

    unoriginal content

  2. Nice video, what would you do about the rain… ? Would it not be a problem if the ground on the tent got all wet…? That is my major unsolved problem about longterm living in a tent…

  3. That’s a lotta stove for a 2-poncho tent. I’d mind the fabric where the pipe goes through. But it is good to have a nice tall flue to carry the smoke away.

    Places where I’d winter-camp aren’t so mild. And when you’re in a survival situation, you get a fire started with less labor. You’re having fun with it, though. That’s cool.

  4. Мне всегда было интересно! Чувак в лесу один, а как он снимает себя из далека? Это наверно выглядит так – чувак ставит камеру возвращается назад, надевает мешок и идет опять к камере?)))))

  5. can’t wait for the winter i so love winter but i have watched this video 4 times now and i really wish he would have secured that stove on his pack cause that really could have been done either up top or secured by his bed roll straps i can not wait for the first snow hopefully it will be on halloween i have been looking for land to buy in my area to camp on but its really hard to find but when i find it it’s on folks

  6. Another native Texan here. Your tortillas would be much better if you did heat them up on the stove for a few seconds on each side. They become much more pliable and less likely to crack. We heat them up on a hot skillet all the time. And it’s just fine if they get some black spots.

  7. Stumbled on this video and love it. BTW, we still call it tin foil here in the USA. Never heard of "baker’s foil" lol.

  8. Watched this from my narrowboat, which is my home, travelling about the canals of the UK. Really enjoyed seeing you doing your thing. I have a stove which I cook on, though I have a gas cooker & fridge too (& solar panels) so feeling a little spoilt. Anyway, awesome vid, enjoyed watching, from a new subscriber 👍🏼

  9. I hammock camp regularly and always pack a few ales. Great video. Really liking the stove, it might convert me to bivi camping

  10. Are you from Canada? If so, I would love some feed back on how your land is and how you work with it! You seem like the type to not go in the woods. Not being mean or anything bud. But I’m from Alabama in the u.s and its not easy like you got it! Gotta have grit to be a real woods man son! Cowboys was the hero’s of the woods and the open planes! I’ve got Indian in me from the sue and black foot tribe. So I know a thing or two but you need to show more grit and teach people how to be tough. Not to stray from things because of safety issues! I may have a small percent of Indian but I do have it in me and I’m able to track animals. Start fire without sticks or a fire stiker. And tons of things but it takes a true cowboy like I said! I even want to invest in a gstove but its best to know the real deal stuff before using any of what you got in this video! Think of how the Indians cut wood or cooked! And they were here WAY before any white man or black man thought of touching this U.S. soil down here in alabama! Its the south bud. So yeah I may be judging harsh but think of where I’m from! We’re harsh people son! But man no one else may ask but I ask to improve the man inside of you!

  11. It’s very odd you say youtube is hard when you were a teacher. I assume teachers have it a lot easier in your country. My deceased mother was a teacher her entire adult life. She worked 18 hour days 7 days a week. She had no personal time. She was unbearably exhausted 24-7. She had kids being brats all the time, and she had parents blaming her for everything the stupid kids did. Recording videos is not hard. I KNOW what goes into it. It’s easy as hell compared to most other jobs. It’s your fault if you don’t stop and take a small break. The newer generations are pathetic. Not all of them. A large amount though. Never seen so much bellyaching over work in my life. I worked 20-hour days 7 days a week for years. Never bitched and moaned like 90 percent of youtubers. Strengthen up for fuck’s sake.

  12. Don’t pack your sleeping bag on the outside of your backpack. Especially don’t pack it on the top of your pack.

  13. I can see the teacher, however I can clearly see how you’ve garnered such a following. Christmas message was Brilliant, man-very genuine. Thanks. Subbed.

  14. Just don’t block your chimney and you won’t get carbon monoxide in your tent :DD Also, I wouldn’t recommend cooking food in aluminum foil if you don’t want aluminum poisoning, seriously.

  15. Boy tht same exact scene for myself is calling me,just like tht laid up reading a book and relaxin in the woods with a Guinness and a fire. Good times, thanks for the vid Sir cheers!!

  16. Instead of packing a tent you packed a hatchet and a bowsaw a tarp and two ponchos? What is it that you are doing here?
    Around here when we go hiking and camping we like to lighten our load, we certainly don’t take heavy hatchets and cans of liquid other than water.
    Instead of a bowsaw try a wire saw. Instead of cans of soda and or beer try a tiny water filter. Instead of a hatchet and a giant stove try a tiny butane stove. Instead of a tarp and two ponchos try a backpack that turns into a hammock.

    I really doubt that you need more heat protection. If you are unsure you could use a contact thermometer (IR thermometer is no good for measuring reflective surfaces) and check the igniting point of natural canvas.

  17. I really appreciated the deep, honest monologue. There’s really not enough people willing to do that. Thanks!

  18. It’s funny how people invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars to just to chill like a homeless person

  19. From Chicago, and got to smile a little at the huge stove to protect from 26 degrees fahrenheit. At that temp, people here are still wearing shorts. Still this is a fun adventure, and the stove is cool.

  20. Another informative outstanding video! Mike, where did you get that awesome mini canvas tent? I have been looking for a tent like that to go with the wood burning stove and I have yet to find anything that comes as nice and functional as yours.

  21. I don’t expect you to worry on the video! You stressing that. Shows your soft! Let it all go! The video is there but don’t feel the need to explain yourself! Everyone does it but you did it on the first sip of beer you had! Be easy my man

  22. Sanırım seni izleyen sayılı Türk marangozlardan biriyim başarılarının devamını diliyorum 🙂

  23. I am so excited. Reminds me of the time I pitched a tent in my living room. I did not need the wood stove.

  24. Hi, I think you have one of the best woodstoves from the market. But is also expensive I saw. Do you use it in the cabin now also?

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